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CarTintingLaws.com is all about up-to-date information regarding the window tinting laws for cars and business transports based on the latest US laws.

We aim to aware you of the most trustworthy and accurate information so that you can understand the laws with ease.

Who We Are?

We are an independent and private organization. We help people across the US to get all the accurate information on window tinting laws. Our company works with a lot of lawyers, traffic experts, and researchers. In this way, we gather the most significant information from highly trusted sources and spread the word through this blog.

Because of relying on specific and authorized organizations, we have not ever been influenced by any dishonest business owners offering illegal laws or inappropriate information.

Our Information

We include information from each state’s official law department (we specify the links on every law page). Moreover, we consult law experts from reliable agencies to make sure all of our information is completely correct.

All sources and info are checked frequently to keep the text updated. Our trusted visitors and reliable partners always let us know if any specific law changes.

Be informed that we only use info from official and trusted sources for our pages. Some dishonest tinting businesses have attempted to mislead us previously. We won’t be making changes, even minor ones without crystal clear sources.

The matter of being honest is entirely up to each tinting business owner. We have seen several businesses being jailed for installing illegal window tints.

heir customers. But we always stay firm on our decision of providing the best, lawful and accurate information.

Meet Our Team

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Mark Brown, is an automotive service technician and professional tinter and owner of this blog website. Mainly, he has been working on tinting over the last six years. During this time, he has completed over 400 tinting projects. However, he is here to help you choose the right tint that fits your needs and budget according to USA state law.

Irene Browning

Irene Browning

Irene Browning is a law student. She has already worked with vehicle laws and statutes at different law firms. As a result, she has a great understanding of your window tinting preferences and legal eligibility.

Lucille McHugh

Lucille McHugh

Lucille McHugh began his career editing as a former editor of several magazines and newspapers. In his editing career, he has edited over 1500 articles. Then, he discovered that the best way to learn is through creativity. Hence, he provides CarTintingLaws with the best juicy solutions for our marketing plans.

Adrian Jackson

Adrian Jackson

As the Assistant Editor, “Adrian Jackson” is glad to be part of Car-Tinting-Laws.com. With his skills, he edits and proves the content of our car tints policy is perfect. Moreover, he has also worked with many different clients and organizations. Also, Our readers are free to complain if they find anything wrong with his work.

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