How much does window tinting cost?

How much does window tinting cost

Window tinting is a popular way to modify the appearance of a car or window. Tinting is available in a variety of colors and can be applied to either windows or the exterior of a car.

However, there are different levels of quality and brands when it comes to window tinting.

Prices range start from around $50 per window to upwards of $200. Window tint films per square foot can cost $5 to $10, but window tinting cost will vary depending on the type of window film, quality, brands, and the amount of tinting material you needed.

This article will explore, what is window tint. the different types of tint, and how much window tinting cost?

What is a Tinted Window?

Window tinting is a layer of colored film that’s applied to the inside of your car window. The purpose of this dyed film is to reduce and block out the amount of light that enters your vehicle, which makes it easier for you to see in low-light conditions, like when driving at night or during heavy rain.

Types of Window Tints and How Much Does it Cost to Tint Windows

Types of Window Tints and Their Cost

The cost of window tinting will vary according to the type and quality of film used, It also depends on the type of vehicle. Here are some examples:

Ceramic Tinted Windows

Ceramic Window Tint is a type of film window tint that does not contain metal, dye, or carbon. Instead, it uses a kind of ceramic particle that is both nonconductive and nonmetallic. This means that it is safe to install and won’t create any electrical problems with your windows and doors. Additionally, the tint is also very resistant to fading and discoloration.

Ceramic Tinted Windows Cost

Ceramic window tinting is a great way to add some privacy and style to your car. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your personality and car. However, ceramic window tinting does come with a cost. The average cost of ceramic film is around $400 for three windows & ceramic tint film per square foot can cost $5 to $10. That amount may seem expensive, but it’s actually not too bad when you think about it. If you’re looking for a little extra privacy and style in your car, ceramic tint is a great option.

Dyed Tinted Windows

Dyed window tint is a type of car window tint that has a layer of dye between the adhesive layer and a protective top coating made of polyester. The dye helps to create the desired color effect, and the polyester topcoat helps to protect the tint from the weather. It also gives UV radiation protection.

Dyed window tints can help block out these harsh light sources and make driving in daylight more pleasant. Not only that, but this window tint also helps to protect your car’s interior from excessive exposure to radio waves, and they are often used to create a cool or trendy look in a car.

Dyed Window Tinting Price

Dyed window tint is a popular way to add a touch of style and privacy to your car. Depending on the dye used, window tinting can cost as little as $50 or as much as $600. The average cost for dyed window tinting is around $200 & Dyed window film per square foot can cost $5 to $10.

Carbon Tinted Windows

Carbon window tint is unique because it uses carbon particles mixed into the film. This results in a matte finish, giving your car a polished look and rejecting more heat than metalized window tint without cell signal interference. For heat rejection, you can go with carbon window tinting confidently.

Some people think that this type of tint looks better than metalized film, but either way, it’s a great way to keep your car cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Carbon Window Tint Cost

Carbon window tint is a popular choice among drivers because it provides both style and security. Inexpensive carbon window tint kits are available in most stores, but the price can vary significantly depending on the application. The average cost of carbon window tinting ranges from $600 to $800 & Carbon window film per square foot can cost $5 to $10However, this price range can vary greatly depending on the type of carbon window tint used, the location, and the manufacturer. For example, some brands may be more expensive than others, but all will provide a comparable level of UV protection.

Metallic Tinted Windows

With the advancement of technology, there has been a rise in window tinting. Tinting can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common type is metallic window tint.

Metallic window tint is window film constructed with the use of metals and very little to no dyes. This type of tint made deposition technology and sputtering technology. This window tint is both environmentally friendly and provides an aesthetically pleasing look to your car.

The benefits of using metallic window tint include its decorative value, its ability to resist scratches and scuffs, and its resistance to fading and discoloration. Additionally, metallic window tint creates a more luxurious appearance in environments that require a higher level of visual sophistication.

Metallic Window Tint Cost

If you want a completely new look for your car, then metallic window tinting is probably the way to go. The average price of metallic window tinting ranges from $100 to $800 & metallic window film per square foot can cost $5 to $10, but prices can vary depending on the type of metal being used and the size of the window. Before you decide to get metallic window tinting done, it’s important to know what the average cost is for this service. And if you’re unsure whether your car requires protection from the sun’s rays, consult a trusted automotive specialist.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost for Autos?

How Much Does it Cost to Tint my Car

There are a few factors to consider when determining the cost of automotive window tinting. The thickness of the tint, the type of tint, and where the tint will be installed are all important factors. Prices for window tints can vary significantly depending on the location, time of year, and other factors.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Tint My Car?

When you think of tinting your car windows, it’s probably the easy decision to go with the all-around solution – a front and rear window treatment. But what about the other side? And what about the back window? The good news is that pricing for different car tinting options varies quite a bit.

For example, installing all sides and the rear window will cost $190 to $550, the Front two windows will cost $100 to $260, the Single Window: $60 to $130, Back Window: $79 to $259, and while a windshield will set you back $120 to $300.

How Much Does it Cost to Tint My Truck?

If you’re thinking about tinting your truck windows, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the cost of window tint varies depending on the size and type of truck you have.

The price will be all-side and back window tint for a standard cab from $160 to $450 and an extended cab will cost from $190 to $550.

For a Crew Cab, all sides and back window tinting costs will be $210 to $600.

A single window can cost from $60 to $130, while a back window can cost from $80 to $260, And if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious your windshield cost will be around $120 and go up to $300. Sunroofs are also priced separately, which may cost from $60 to $155 and Panoramic Sunroofs will $119 to $299.

However, before you decide to go ahead and tint your windows, it’s important to know the window tinting laws of your state.

In some states, window tint is only allowed on the back side of your windows. In other states, it’s legal to apply window tint throughout the entire window. So make sure you do your research first so that you don’t break any laws!

How Much Does it Cost to Tint My Van?

Tinting your van can be a really cost-effective way to make your vehicle look more custom and unique. The cost of tinting depends on the size and type of van you have, but typically it will run around $100 per window. So if you have a small van that only needs one window tinted, the total cost will be just $600. However, if you have a larger van that needs all the windows tinted, the price will likely be closer to $1,200. Now that you know how much it will cost to Tint your Van.

How Much Does it Cost to Tint My SUV?

The cost of tinting your SUV will vary depending on the vehicle model, the type of tint you choose, brands, Quality, and the size of the window. However, the average cost for window tints is around $100. But if you want to do it separately then the price will vary. For all sides and back Windows, tint costs will be around $260 to $720, for a single window will be around $50 to $130, and for back windows around $80 to $260, Windshield will be $120 to $300.

How Much Does it Cost to Tint My Tesla?

Tesla owners have the option of tinting their car windows The average cost to tint a Tesla car is from around $100 to upwards of $700, though prices can vary depending on location and the quality of the tint applied. Solar reflective tints are more expensive than privacy tints, but they offer better protection from the sun’s rays and allow more light into the car during daylight hours.

The Cost of Tint a Tesla:

  • All Sides and Back Window Tinting Cost for Tesla Model S: $400 – $600
  • Tesla Model X or Model Y All Sides and Back Window Tinting Cost: $450 – $720
  • For Tesla Model 3 All Sides and Back Window Tinting Cost: $855
  • Front 2 Windows Tinting Cost: $180 – $260
  • Tinting Cost for Single Window: $80 – $130
  • Back Window Tinting Cost: $150 – $260
  • Windshield Tinting Cost: $200 – $300
  • Tesla Model X Windshield Tinting Cost – $730
  • Sunroof: $90 – $160
  • Panoramic Sunroof: $200 – $300
  • Tesla Model Y Panoramic Sunroof Tinting Cost – $730

Tesla Model 3 Tint Cost

Model 3 of the Tesla has a remarkable sunroof that extends back, so it doubles as a panoramic window. So, to tint this single panel of glass properly, you will need to have the proper knowledge plus the appropriate size of the window tint to avoid seams. As a result, if you decide to tint the rear window or sunroof, it will cost more.

Window Tint Pricing Chart

Window Tint Pricing Chart For SUVRoll2 Door4 DoorSUV Large
Classic Tint Series$50$140$160$180
Vintage Tint Series$70$170$190$210
UltraFX Tint Series$100$230$250$280
FXTREME2 SERIES$160$350$350$500
Heat Blocking Anti UV Tint$161$300$550$600

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Is Window Tint Legal?

tinting a car’s window is a common way to alter the appearance of a vehicle. In most states, there is no law against applying window tinting to a car. However, there are a few states where applying window tinting to a car is illegal. In these states, if you violate the law by installing window tinting on your vehicle, you could face criminal penalties.

Does the Tint Come with a Warranty?

Tinting can add protection from the sun and help reduce eye fatigue, but some people worry about its long-term effects. You might be wondering if there’s a warranty that comes with it. In most cases, there is. You can usually find the warranty information on the packaging or website of the tint provider. The terms and conditions of the warranty usually state that if any problems arise with your window tint before it’s supposed to, the provider will fix or replace it.

Can I Tint My Car Windows Myself? (DIY)

Yes, you can tint your car windows yourself. Here’s how:

  • Get a kit. There are many different types of car window tinting kits available on the market, and each one comes with different instructions. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before starting to tint your windows.
  • Prepare your car. Make sure that your car is clean and free of any debris or dust. This will help ensure that the tinting process goes smoothly.
  • Put on gloves and masks. It’s important to wear gloves and masks when working with Window Tinting Film because this film can cause skin irritation and breathing problems if it gets into your eyes or nose.
  • Open up the windows in your car and start layering the tinting film over the glass using a squeegee or credit card applicator system.

Benefits of window tinting

Window tinting can offer several benefits to its users. These benefits can include increased privacy, reduced glare and heat, and a more comfortable environment inside the car or home. Additionally, window tinting can help protect vehicle occupants from the sun’s harmful UV rays. All of these reasons make it a popular choice for those who want to improve their indoor environment.


In conclusion, there are a few factors to consider when estimating the cost of window tinting. Primarily, the type of window tinting material, the size and location of the window, and the number of layers required will all affect the final price. Additionally, any taxes or fees that are associated with the project will also need to be factored in.

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